ˇ°Making Better Connectionsˇ±
Looking to gain efficiencies in your electrical test processes? ECC fixtures are designed to reduce cycle time and maintenance time while adding quality control features such as component presence detection and keying. Whether performing a simple continuity test, a functional test or hi-pot test, ECC fixtures are designed to save time and improve quality. Take a trip through our product section to see how ECC may be able to help you.
  • Durable and Inexpensive Fixtures for any Connector
  • Turn-Key Solutions for Assembly and Testing
  • Individualized Service and Set-up
  • Personalized Customer Follow-up
  • Over 30 Years of Industry Experience
  • Slave Cables for Functional Testing
  • ˇ°Burn-Inˇ± Test Fixtures
  • Terminal Seating Fixtures
  • Component Presence Detection
  • Color Detection
  • Wire Routing Products
  • Reduce Cycle Time
  • Reduce Maintenance Time
  • Reduce operator Fatigue
  • Improve Quality
  • Pogo Pin Longevity

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